Owner of a lonely mind – our new paper in Journal of Research in Personality

Understanding others’ behaviours, emotions and intentions – is it somehow linked with loneliness and social isolation? Are the people more likely to attribute hostile intentions to others in ambiguous situations also more lonely?

We searched for the answers to these questions in collaboration with prof. Amy Pinkham from University of Texas at Dallas. The results of our study conducted on young adults (aged 18-35) showed that people with lesser skills of recognizing and understanding social signals reported greater levels of objective social isolation. At the same time, we observed both higher loneliness and objective social isolation in people more likely to arttribute hostile intentions to others.

We discuss our results in a brand new article titled „Owner of a lonely mind? Social cognitive capacity is associated with objective, but not perceived social isolation in healthy individuals”, which has just been published by Journal of Research in Personality – up to July 14th the full paper is available for free! Enjoy!

To go to the full article, click HERE.

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