Loneliness Project

e-mail: projekt-samotnosc@psych.pan.pl

Loneliness is more and more indicated as one of the main problems of the modern world. From neural activity, through mental and physical health, to functioning in society – research shows that the feeling of unsatisfactory relationships can have a negative impact on us at many levels of our functioning.

The aim of this project is to broaden the knowledge of these mechanisms both in the laboratory, using neuroimaging techniques, and by looking at them in everyday life.

The project is funded by the grants Opus 2018/31/B/HS6/02848 and 2019/35/B/HS6/00517 and Sonata Bis 2022/46/E/HS6/00138 of the National Science Center (led by Ɓukasz Okruszek, PhD).