Our new paper in Frontiers in Psychiatry!

How to investigate the processes linked to information processing in situations involving social interactions? What is biological movement and how to study its perception using point-light motion displays? You can finds the answers to these and many other questions in our bran new publication published by Frontiers in Psychiarty: ‘Social Perception and Interaction Database – A Novel Tool to Study Social Cognitive Processes With Point-Light Displays’. Enjoy!

You can find the full, open access version of our paper HERE.

REAL ESM/EMA workshop

Last week our PI, Łukasz Okruszek, PhD and one of our PhD Students – Aleksandra Piejka, MA, completed a REAL ESM/EMA workshop at the Catholic University of Leuven. The workshop was concentrated on preparing, conducting and analysing the data from the research using the Experience Sampling method, which enables to study behaviour and emotions outside the lab, in ecological conditions.

Our presentations on Psych-On conference

Yesterday (7.12) our PI, Łukasz Okruszek, PhD and our MA candidates: Liwia Piaskowska, Marta Chrustowicz and Ola Aniszewska-Stańczuk have presented the results of their research on 4th Nationwide Conference Psych-On in Łódź. Special congratulations to Aleksandra, who won the prize for the best presentation in her session!

Ola Aniszewska-Stańczuk on Brainstorm 4.0 conference

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie 72953507_1268781813304561_7158570112780337152_o-1.jpg
Is loneliness linked with executive control skills? That’s the question to which our lab colleague, Ola Aniszewska-Stańczuk was answering during her presentation on Brainstorm 4.0 – Scientific Conference. Ola talked about the preliminary results of her EEG research aimed at investigating neurophysiological markers of excecutive control in lonely people. Expect more information on this project soon!