The start of the new Opus grant and our new scholarship holders

Today we can officially announce the start of our new NSC Opus grant ‘How affective cognitive reappraisals influence the social information processing in lonely people? The research using the ERP EEG and neuromodulation (HD-tDCS)’ led by Łukasz Okruszek, PhD.

Following the above, we are glad to introduce our new scholarhip holders and also fresh year students of the doctoral school of IP PAS!

Marta Chrustowicz, MA has been an active member of the Social Neuroscience Lab since March 2018. She graduated with an MA in Psychology (2019) and Cognitive Science (2020). In the current project Marta will take care of conducting the EEG research and the neurophysiological data analysis.
Szymon Mąka graduated with a BA in Sociology (2018) and an MA in Cognitive Science (2020) and currently he develops himself in the field of computational neuroscience. In this project he will take care of the behavioural data analysis, preparing the tDCS paradigm and modelling of the association between the behavioural and neurophysiological data.


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